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Listing Corporation annual shareholders meeting held in Canada

Date: 2013/6/5

On Jun 5th-14th, the AGM and bord meeting of public company holded in Vancouver, Canada.The Vice Director of the Standing Committee of the county Zhang Guangwei,the Company President Sun Xianhua,the Vice Director of Economic Development Zone Management Committee and the Director of Economic and Information Bureau in Boxin County Geng Yuhe attended the meeting.

On Jan 9th, public company's bord meeting passed the disclosure matter of financial reports of 2013. The meeting cleared every director's management responsibility, and reappoited the TMT members like the CEO,the CFO and Secretary etc.

Investors paid great attention and recognition to the pace and pattern of the development of Huaxing.During the meeting, the promotional effect fully reflected  on the company's shares,  trading volume of company's stock had a suntainable growth, and the share prices hit a record for one year.

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