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Glass Double Edging Machine
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Edging Machine


1.Suitable for grinding the double straight edges of flat glass .

2.Finish rough grinding , fine grinding and polishing at one time .

3.It is faster . As the machine can grind 2 edges at the same time , it can save more time for Mass production .

4.Easy to adjust for different size glass .

5.With loading/unloading table , save more labor cost .

6.It has higher quality . The parallel , across corner are preciser than vertical edging machine .

Main Technical Parameters:

Item Precision
Glass Thickness 3-25mm
Transmission Speed 0.5-7.0m/min
Min. Glass Size 230mm
Max. Glass Size 2500mm
Parallel Tolerance ≤0.2mm/m
Diagonal Tolerance ±0.5mm/m
Chamfer Tolerance 0.2mm/m
Chamfer Width 1-3mm
Max. Grinding Volume of Single Side 5mm
Worktable Height 900±30mm
Pump Capacity 400L/min
Pneumatic working Pressure 0.7Mpa
Voltage and Frequency 380v/60HZ
Total Power 50kw
Floor Space 5200*4500*1950mm
Weight 7800kg

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