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Vertical Glass Washing Machine
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Vertical Glass Washing Machine

· It is painted by an electrostatic paint for protection against a rust and scratchs.

· Heating up plates and the Water tank have a covering (Against a rust of 10 years of a guarantee).

· Conic moving gears are made from a special steel alloy.

· Nuts corrosion-proof, apertures for nuts aluminium.

· A working direction of action with left on the right party.

· A water tank with a heater.

· Filtered fan for dust-free air expulsion.

· Brushes from above and from below have adjustment for approach.

· The electrosystem corresponds to safety rules.

· The washing branch has 6 brushes. 

01 feeding section    02 washing and drying section  03 outlet/inspecting section  

                            frequency control                            


             Outlet                 washing             Inlet 

Model HB2500 HB2000 HB1600
Input Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Total Power 25kw 15kw 11kw
Max Glass Cutting Size 3500x2500mm 2500x2000mm 2000x1600mm
Min Glass Cutting Size 450x280mm 450x280mm 450x280mm
Glass Thickness 3-12mm 3-12mm 3-12mm
Working Speed 6-12m/min 6-12m/min 6-10m/min
Total Weight 3000kgs 2500kgs 1500kgs
Overall Size 9600x2700x3500mm 7200x2400x2900mm 6200x2200x2600mm

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